Letters to our children | March 2017

It’s another installment of what will hopefully be many monthly letters written to our children. It’s a part of a memory-keeping attempt to capture these glimpses into the everyday and the not so ordinary moments that pass by so quickly as children grow. This is an ongoing series.

Dear sweetheart,

You seem to have grown so very much in the past month. You have (strong) opinions about pretty much everything, and if something isn’t met with your approval, boy, do we hear about it! At the same time, you can be wonderfully polite, often impressing store clerks and relatives with your pleasant demeanor. You’ve been asking us to tell you about what time it is pretty often lately… and getting up earlier than necessary. Ha! Something we’ll be working on for a while.

In just the last couple of days, we’ve finally gotten to get outside to play more. Thank goodness! All of our moods are improving because of it. I love how much your imagination runs wild when we’re outside. All of a sudden your play takes on new levels of inventiveness and it’s absolutely incredible. I can’t wait for more lovely days to spend outside with you!

You continue to be amazingly sweet to your little sister, despite how much of my and your dad’s time she takes up, you haven’t taken it out on her at all, and really only show your frustration occasionally. This new structure for our family is a learning curve for us all, and I have to say, you’re handling it amazingly. I love you, bud.

So, so much,


Dear, little one,

How much you grow in a month! It’s incredible. Here you are, about six and a half weeks old. Your cheeks and thighs, wrists and belly are starting to chub up. In the last week or so you’ve been giving us real smiles, and that is a game changer for me. I’ll be honest, these early weeks of parenthood are really difficult for me, but those smiles are the first kind of tangible reciprocation. By the fifth and sixth week, I needed it pretty badly.

You’re starting to show little bits of your emerging personality, and watching your face light up when your brother comes around is pretty spectacular. You’re still a pretty snuggly baby – you’ve got your moments of trying to figure it all out, but then you collapse into my arms or on my shoulder, in my lap, and I try as much as I can to savor these moments. I know they’re fleeting.

I love you,


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