Letters to our children | September 2017

It’s another installment of what will hopefully be many monthly letters written to our children. It’s a part of a memory-keeping attempt to capture these glimpses into the everyday and the not so ordinary moments that pass by so quickly as children grow. This is an ongoing series.

My sweet, clever boy –

We finished up the summer with a little roadtrip to visit our friends in Nebraska. As has pretty much always been the case, you were an amazing traveler. We stayed in a couple of Airbnbs and with our friends, and your adaptability has just been such a blessing. As long as we keep your routine fairly steady, it doesn’t matter a whole ton where we’re doing it. You and Bea got together and started bickering and complaining about each other, and then the moment you were separated, the chorus of “I miss Bea” and “I miss Gus”‘s started. When it wasn’t trying, it was completely adorable. We saw the eclipse in its totality, and it scared you, sweetheart. You insisted on going inside, saying that all you wanted was to have the sunshine and blue skies come back.

You also started preschool this year, and I have to say, it has come at the perfect time. You’ve gotten to the point where my company just isn’t quite enough for you, no matter how many outings we go on. You keep looking for friends all around, and anyone even remotely the same age is a prime target. Now that you’ve started school, though, I’ll be darned if you’ve managed to remember one classmate’s name to tell me – ha!

You’ve risen to these challenges with nothing but excitement and enthusiasm. You’re so eager to try these new things and to experience these new adventures that the only way we can tell that they’ve taken something out of you is that your afternoon naps still do you a world of good. Sugar, your dad and I are so ridiculously proud to have you for our son. We love you.

So, so much,

Dear, dear girl –

You’ve jumped the gun, my dear. Seeing all that your brother can do has shoved some of your gross motor skills into overdrive, and within the last month or so, you’ve decided that you too need to be mobile. Within one week, you began to crawl and pull yourself up on furniture all over the place. You continue to be just the happiest, smiley gal, and you charm almost everyone who takes a peek at you.

You did pretty well on our trip to Nebraska. This was our “big trip” this year because we weren’t sure just what kind of a traveler you’d be. I think, though, that you’re going to turn out to be pretty great as well. You so look up to your brother, and he’s a champion road tripper, so I’ve got high hopes.

Your sleep is erratic. We’re trying to get you (finally) to be more in your own room, in your crib, but when push comes to shove and I’m exhausted in the middle of the night, you often wind up by my side. It’s certainly not ideal, but we’re working on it. Heading off to sleep feel like such a gamble – just what am I going to wind up with tonight? Will I feel more or less human in the morning? Just how much coffee am I going to need… In all of this, though, I can see your brain expanding right alongside your world and it is amazing. Today, you learned to clap.

I love you,

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