Letters to our children | May 2017

It’s another installment of what will hopefully be many monthly letters written to our children. It’s a part of a memory-keeping attempt to capture these glimpses into the everyday and the not so ordinary moments that pass by so quickly as children grow. This is an ongoing series.

My dear sweet son –

You are very three these days. One minute you’re minding amazingly, playing with your toys, showing things to your sister, eating your meal, sharing with other kids at school. The next minute you’re completely losing it, crying and screaming, throwing a fit often for reasons that seem almost laughable. In the moment it can make me crazy and really test my own levels of throwing fits. When I’m able to pull back and look at it, it’s totally you testing your limits, pushing your individuality and seeing just how far you’re going to be allowed to go.

Related – you will potty train on your own terms. I have to remind myself that it’s not worth any fights or power struggles, and that when you’re ready, it’ll happen well. We’ll get there. It’s tricky for me to remember that trying to get control of your body in that way is something you have to learn when it is so second nature to me.

I am so very proud of how you are with your little sister. You have never been anything but completely sweet and kind with her. You love to give her hugs and kisses, and making her smile can shift your mood entirely. So far it has been everything I dared to imagine for you in having a sibling. My sweet boy, you amaze me.

So, so much,


Amazing little one –

You are such a ray of sunshine in our house and in our lives. You give such big smiles and you’ve started giggling both on your own and along with us. Really, by and large, you are an incredibly happy baby. When you get mad, though, it turns in a complete 180 and you are MAD. It often takes quite a bit of time to settle you back down from one of these major explosions. That has taken some getting used to as it’s so different from how your brother was as an infant. It’s also been tricky to learn your cues to try to avoid them. I’m getting a pretty good handle on it, but I also have the food advantage that your dad doesn’t have. We’ll get there – or you will – one will happen soon, I’m sure!

You love your big brother. Big time. You have these special room-lightening smiles that are just for him when he comes around. You love to watch him as he runs around and plays, spins and jumps. You can almost see the gears in your head trying to figure out just how he’s doing all of these things and how you can most quickly start to do them too!

Having two kids has certainly been a big change and a challenge for us all, but I wouldn’t trade our little family for anything. Not one single thing.

I love you,


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