Letters to our child | August 2016

It’s another installment of what will hopefully be many monthly letters written to my son. It’s a part of a memory-keeping attempt to capture these glimpses into the everyday and the not so ordinary moments that pass by so quickly as children grow. This is an ongoing series.

Sweet kiddo,

The summer, it seems, has flown by. You have grown so much, in all you can do now, with so much more ease than just a few months ago. You take on the stairs like it’s your job, but you still like to hold a hand every now and then. You jump and manage to get both feet off the ground at the same time. You ask for things with a very polite “please,” and often remember your “thank yous” too. You’ve adventured with us on a big road trip full of hot-weather camping, hiking and sleeping in all sorts of new places. Do you have your moments of two-ness? Of course. But by and large you are a happy, curious, sweet, and generally great little guy. Your dad and I couldn’t be prouder to be your parents.

So, so much,

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