Kind words – client testimonials

“No matter who, or what, Alison is photographing, the images are consistently beautiful and creatively composed.” – Jean Johansson

“I love how you captured people, revealing their personalities, especially those I really know. … So, I was so overcome today, trying unsuccessfully to narrow down my selection as I sit on the sofa instead of going to work in an ice storm, that I had to let you know how wonderful your pictures are.  Thank you for sharing your gift of seeing with us.” – Teresa Wilmot

“Alison, your strength in this business is that you have such a strong sense of people and their needs and what is important to them–and you capture that. You capture the uncapturable. I can’t even describe it–you’re that good.” – Anna Schneck

“I am so glad that we booked Alison as our wedding photographer. She went above and beyond on our wedding day. She was such a calming presence, and helped my bridesmaids calm down and feel good about themselves. She even helped them lace up my dress when they couldn’t figure it out. She was funny and so easy to work with, I’m so glad that we booked her because aside from my spouse, I pretty much spent the entire day with her and she was a pleasure to be around. And that’s not even getting to her amazing photos! I work with professional photographers at work a lot, so I’m pretty familiar with top quality talent–and I was so pleased with Alison’s work. She captured all the moments of the day in a natural way (not too much posing, but just a little to make sure we looked good on camera). After we finished portraits and got to the reception, I never even noticed her–she captured the joy of the reception and dancing without me even noticing. Alison was so kind and understanding, and respectful of our families and any special needs they might have. The quality of her work was such a good value, worth every penny that we spent.” – Kaye and Johnny

“Seriously… Every time you take photos of him I am more amazed. These are SUPERB!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!” – Adam Deming

“I’m so happy my wife found Alison Bents Photography! We asked Alison to do a newborn session with me, my wife, our 2yo son and our new addition. The in-home session allowed everyone to be really relaxed and candid. She ended up getting some amazing shots of our little one and the family as a whole. We love the photos and definitely plan to work with Alison again in the future.” – Anthony Bayerl

“Oh they are just beautiful! Alison always exceeds my expectations! What a lovely gifted young woman!” – Kathi Killeen

family of 4 admiring newborn