Hi there! I make my home in Rosemount, Minnesota with my husband, our two excellent children and our patient pup, Etta. I’m an office supply junkie, a coffee drinker, lasagna devour-er, eternal student, lover of literature, counter of stars, follower of dreams.

I was a kid who grew up
• dipping my toes in the mountain creek in our backyard in Idaho,
• scrambling over the granite outcroppings in the Black Hills of South Dakota,
• swimming in lakes across the upper Midwest,
• torching marshmallows over campfires in the northwoods,
• counting fireflies at the cabin in Minnesota,
• and feeling a deep love and respect for the places in which I lived.

To this day, these landscapes not only shape my memories, but they have become deeply ingrained in my sense of self, my confidence, and my outlook on life.

That’s my story. It’s also a tale I hope I’ve started creating in my son.

I believe a sense of ‘place’ is inherently good for children. It empowers them to know that they have the ability to instill meaning in things outside of themselves – to make their own favorite homes. Now that I am a mother, it is my deep desire to expose our little guy to as many possible homes as I can and to impress some of these landscapes in his soul.

My goal is to infuse my wedding and portrait work with my client’s favorite locations as an integral part of my image-making. I would truly love to document your most meaningful places with an In This Place session. Drop me a line – I’d love to hear your story!

All the best,

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Minnesota Senior Photographer | Alison Bents

Photos by the inimitable Jen Dederich Photography.


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